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Product Care

Silver care

Avoid exposure to chemicals like perfume, body lotion, sunscreen, soap, etc. while wearing your jewelry. We recommend applying them before putting your piece of jewelry on. Make sure to remove your piece before taking a shower, swimming or doing any harsh activity like working out. To keep the longevity of the metal components of your piece we recommend polishing it regularly with a soft microfiber cloth in order to remove any sweat or debris.

We use 925 Sterling Silver, which is hypoallergenic and nickel-free. 

Pearl care

Similar to silver, pearls suffer the most when wet as the water damages the luster of the pearl. Never expose the pearls to cosmetics like perfume, lotion, sunscreen, etc. To maintain the shine, apply a very small drop of olive oil on a safe cloth to polish out natural dullness from wear. In order to do that, DO NOT use any abrasive object or chemicals used for polishing silver, detergents, bleaches, baking soda or anything of the sort. We also recommend using a professional pearl spray to clean your piece, here is our favorite: Pearl Spray | Town Talk Polish

Glass care 

Most of our pieces contain handmade lamp work beads and pendants. Please be careful to not drop your piece as it will cause it to break. As mentioned earlier, do not wear your jewelry while doing any physical activity like working out, swimming, hiking, etc.